Johanna Johnsimage002
Qualified – Independent
Health & Wellbeing Corporate Coach
Weight Loss Consultant
Diploma in Weight Loss Consulting.
Professional Member AIWLC
Australian Institute of Weight Loss Consultants.
Qualification awarded by the RTA
(Registered Training Australia).

Member of Inspiring Australia which is an
arm of NCI the National Coaching
Institute headed up by Paul Timms.

A recent Member of The Rotary Club of  Beecroft .

We have created a Corporate Group “No Diet” Health & Well Being Program.  Our ‘Shed the Kilo’s’ Health Programs  are:-
Our 12 for 12  which is for 12 people wanting to lose more than 15kg over a period of 12 weeks.                                                                          Our 6 for 6 which is  for 6 or more people wanting to lose less than 15kg over a period of 6 weeks.
A maintenance program will be offered on the completion of
both programs

My Goal is to motivate and inspire you to take action to get healthy, lose weight and reclaim your life!

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Let me leave you with this thought

     “Know that positive thinking is my religion and                               health and wellbeing is my passion”