Shed the Kilo’s

” A Healthy and Safe Way to                                                                       Lose Weight that is Permanent”            
‘6 for 6’ Program

Six people  or more for six weeks same time                                 same place each week.
Suitable for people needing to lose less than 15 Kg
Our Program is about:-

1. Promoting health & wellbeing.                                                           2. Accountability
2. Self Monitoring
3. Creating a network of support
The Program Includes:-

1. Weekly weigh-in and consultations
2. Introducing the “Buddy System”
3. New healthy easy and quick recipes to try
4. One hour group sessions
5. Excursions:- i.e. Supermarket walk through, Fast Food Outing, Stair Walking & 6 Minute Exercise.

6. Home work (Questionnaires)

• Lifestyle questionnaire
• Past diets & programs questionnaire
• General knowledge: Healthy Foods & Healthy Eating
• Fruit & Vegetable Benefits questionnaire
• Lifestyle activity & exercise questionnaire
• Food & Body Image questionnaire

7. Weekly hand outs discussion papers, subjects are:-

• Pledges & Goal Setting
• Self Monitoring (The Key to weight loss success)
• The What, When, How and Why Eating Principles
• Water / Alcohol The Truth
• Feelings about Food
• Measuring for overweight & obesity
• What is Metabolism
• Healthy Fruits & Vegetables, Super Foods & Brain Foods
• Planning & time management
• Why do people eat
• Hidden Salt & Sugars ( And how to cut down on them)
• Genetics (Body Shapes)
• Dealing with weight loss plateaus
• Strategies to assist in permanent weight loss

weight loss (1)Let me leave you with this thought

“Translate knowledge into action, because awareness is not enough”