Obesity is now at epidemic proportions!

We can change the world if we think we can,
one person at a time starting with our selves.
Our objective is to create an awareness of the                                                 ever increasing obesity rate in Australian Adults,                                           urging a life style change to reverse this trend.

Obesity17Hence we have created a 12 week program  for maximum of 12 people.
This is our “No Diet” Diet, it is a life style change.
Slowly over 12 weeks we provide the information, the tools to change destructive habits formed over a period of time that caused the weight gain. We are so lucky that our well designed bodies
respond very well to change. It is our minds we need to convince, that takes some work hence the 12 weeks. Food is medicine with the right food the body begins the healing process.

Obesity is responsible for the cause of a lot of deceases:-
1. Diabetes (Type 2)
2. Coronary heart disease and strokeObesity22
3. Fatty liver disease
4. Certain types of cancers
5. Metabolic syndrome
These are the top 5 but there are many more, and each one creates another.
With diabetes if left unchecked and not managed it won’t take long
before you could be dealing with
damage to the kidneys or fatty liver or
coronary decease.

A fatty liver produces it own complications, it is thought to also be responsible for depression and mood swings, which is just not pleasant to live with for the persons and their families.

Shedding the kilo’s is the answer not only to improve your health and fitness but also to improve your state of mind.                                    You will enjoy your life much more with a healthy fit body.

weight lossLet me leave you with this thought

“Translate knowledge into action, because awareness is not enough”