Ocean Pollution

2. Reducing the pollution in the Oceans of our world

2. Reducing the Pollution in the Oceans of our World is a 30 minute power point presentation ( plus discussion time). BeachPollution6We again look at what we know and show you the amount of human waste
present on our
beaches and in our oceans of the world. Most of the debris the worst offenders are plastic bags and
plastic bottles. We need to urgently reduce the sale and
manufacturing of one use plastics, they are killing our fish and
polluting our waters.
We will give you a list of organization you can join or support, these people are serious about putting a stop to this kind of polluting. this presentation is suitable to any group or organization who wants to be involved with saving our Oceans.

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Remember knowledge is power!

This presentation is free for all non profit organizations .                       All other corporations the fee is $495.00 Inc. GST