Weight Loss Consulting


Getting support from the right people

By engaging a weight loss consultant, you have recognised the
importance of getting support from the right people. Having a
professional to work with and understand her client’s needs while supporting them through their weight loss journey has been proven to be one of the most important aspects in long –term and
permanent weight loss.

The role of a Weight Loss Consultant, in addition to giving a client her commitment and support, is also identifying other aspects of a client’s life that they may require extra support in.

GroupWL6There is also strong evidence to support that
people who participate in group weight loss
consulting classes feel much more supported and
less isolated in their weight loss journey.
The sense of ‘belonging’ created by the group environment creates a team ‘we can do this together’
approach which is extremely powerful.
Group accountability:-
Being in a regular group session and with everyone having a common goal of weight loss, accountability will occur naturally. Pretty much, it’ peer pressure at work.
Workmates just won’t want to let the group down or look
bad in front of them, so they will generally be more be more likely to keep their word and do their best, this is why group weight loss
consulting works so well!
To truly harness the power of our group weight loss program,
careful consideration is given to the planning, preparation, learning styles, teaching techniques and group dynamics.

What you can expect from your Weight Loss Consultant:-
1.Provide positive feed back
2. Motivate and inspire to make positive life style changes
3. Encourage to increase activity levels to improve fitness
4. To help and encourage to make healthy food choices
5. Keep track and record of weight loss
6. Pay extra attention, find solutions and make suggestions to help with set backs
7. To provide weekly healthy new recipe’s to try
8. To help increase the confidence to make the right food choices when eating out
9. Cover how to deal with family and friends who “ like me just the way I am”
10. Recognise and learn to deal with sabotage within the family
11. Learn how to change to good and healthy shopping habits.
12. Learn the secret to long-term & permanent weight loss and end weight gain.weight loss (1)

“As our business is referral based, if you know anyone that would benefit from our service we are always happy to help”